What's Good From Me For You

by Amyobala Key

Three Angels       

Waitress: 'What can I get you, sir?'. This is not it, for this request and offer of service is required by her position and compensated by her salary.

Mother: 'What can I do for you, daughter?'. This is not it, for the mother by her nature is responsible for the child.

Stranger: "What's good from me for you?" This could be it, depending upon expectations and motives. If it lacks deception and expects nothing in return, then it is a recognition of two unspoken elements. 1: Science has shown that many thousands of years ago, all human life on the planet was derived from a single mating pair. We are, therefore, all cousins. Evolution developed differences over time, but ultimately we are of the same stock. No matter what your different beliefs and characteristics, you are united with everyone. 2: A gift or service that fulfills a need, given freely, and without expectation of compensation, begins a sequence of events in time that generates consequences. A dying man bequeaths a financial gift to an educational institution, giving financial aid to an unknown student. That student, who might otherwise have chosen another path, seeks the path of his choice, accepts the anonymous assistance, graduates, invents a system beneficial to mankind, and showers those who follow him with amazing circumstances.

Look around you, to all that you take for granted. Where you see safety, comfort, technological advantages, and medical advances, you are actually witnessing the net result of small, forgotten, and oftentimes, anonymous enactments of What's good from me for you?

Now to take it to the next step. Can you make this statement at random times in random circumstances, while expecting nothing in return? There will be times when you will be taken advantage of, when you will be treated like a resource or labelled a sucker. But secretly, deep down, you know that for every casting of the gift upon the water, there will be a needy talent that may happen by and benefit, causing him to flourish. Imagine a seed, lost in a desert, held in a prison of dessication. Water is released upon the desert, works its way down to the seed, erases all dryness, then suddenly, there is a blossoming of life and talents from that one seed, which through experience of denial and hardship, causes it to seek growth, development, and ultimately gives rise to an entire nation.

Seek your times. It is not the professional needy person, not the lazy guy with the coffee cup, sitting on the curb. He has woven his trap and will ensnare you, taking your efforts away from the truly needy person.

You must use caution and your instincts to tell you when the time is right. You may never know the long-term results. Have you ever gone back to your primary school and sought that teacher of significance who had such an impact upon you? Probably not.

Choose your time wisely. It simply means that What's good from me for you? is a powerful force that can replace the aimlessness that has often taken over. Try it from time to time, lightly, subtly, without expectation. See if you can see the results. It is an amazing distribution of energy which we are all capable of.

Be prepared to discover that changes will occur to your situation when you start doing this. They cannot be called rewards, and yet they will be like rewards. Just think of being overheard by angels, who will then be more aware of your unspoken needs. You will find that doors will open unexpectedly, new and significant friendships will initiate, and insights will accompany opportunities in your field. If you are an artist, you will be more productive; if a writer, more creative. Expect changes, even when you do not plan for them. They will be engineered for you. Do not expect them; they will happen. They are derived from the interconnections of all things.

Two Angels


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