Urine Therapy

by Amyobala Key

The body's own serum, is not what you believe it to be. These tiny molecules of liquid have been absorbed through the intestines and into the blood, accumulating nutrients, immunity resources, as well as proteins, hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and plasma. While coursing through the liver, toxins are removed and redirected toward the solid excretion. When the purified blood passes through the kidneys, it is filtered through multiple tiny pathways, during which the blood is squeezed at high pressure. Removing excess, water, salt, and other pre-filtered resources which are not immediately required, the serum becomes a sterile, purified, watery solution, some of which becomes reabsorbed by the kidney and returned to the bloodstream. The excess is directed into the bladder and the rest is history. Unlike the waste materials, urine is composed of valuable elements which your body does not currently require to maintain its many chemical balances. It is not toxic excretion; it is excess, though other elements that can work to combine with subtle toxins can spill them through the kidneys. Those with toxic metals that are being treated by chelation therapy, can have some of their non-useful metals, like aluminum, bound up with the chelator and excreted along with the urine.

A.H. Free   

Dr. Alfred .H. Free of the Miles Laboratories stated in his book "Urinalysis in Clinical Laboratory Practice" (CRC Press - 1975) that urine was a sterile body substance that contains many thousands of compounds, most of them beneficial to the body; among others, ascorbic acid, amino acids, bicarbonate, calcium, cystine, DHEA, Folic acid, Glycine, Iodine, Magnesium, Nitrogen, Proteins, as well as many vitamins and minerals that the body otherwise employs.

There have been instances of miners trapped below the surface of the earth for extended periods due to explosions and cave-ins who extended their survival until rescued because they were willing to consume their own urine. There have been other instances of individuals who have been cut and bleeding and without ordinary antiseptic means who have employed their own body's fluid to sterilize and seal the wounds.

Your Own Perfect Medicine

There is also the concept that the body is capable of creating its own medicine. See Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christy (1994). The author was inspired to write her book from personal experience, having been extremely ill for a long period of time with multiple conditions which included chronic fatigue syndrome, colitis, Chron's disease, Hashimoto's disease, kidney infection, and mononucleosis, along with many imbalances, allergies, and infections. After extensively trying traditional as well as alternative therapy treatments, without success, she encountered the theory of the otherwise little-known and unusual therapy. She adopted the therapy, finding immediate relief from initial problems. As time progressed, one by one severe pains vanished, external and internal infections disappeared, and the healing encompassed all of her digestive problems, fatigue, and food allergies. A restoration was in the process, with viral symptoms vanishing, her thinning and falling hair becoming thick and healthy, her weight normalizing, and her energy returning. After three decades of compound health issues, the author's health and life were restored.

The basic principle of the therapy was the reabsorption, medically and orally of her own urine. The reader will have to research the matter, both of the theories behind the therapy and the methods of treatment, before heading in this direction.

For those, however, with serious and debilitating diseases, even those that have slowly wasted individuals and have led to their eventual death, the therapy is alleged to have had success. Among other illnesses it has been alleged to have had a profound effect upon hepatitis, pancreas insufficiency, diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis, cancers, adrenal failure, allergies, and skin conditions.

The substance is sterile upon leaving the body, but careless handling can cause it to become infected. The patient must exercise extreme care in any kind of self-medication. Because the substance is highly specific to the body which manufactured it, it is antibacterial, antiviral, anticonvulsive, potentially anti-cancer, and normally non-toxic, except when chelators are passing through the body which have bound up with toxic metals, which they have then excreted through the urine.

It is not the intention of this page to promote unsupervised self-medication by this potentially significant therapeutic technique. The reader should engage extensive authoritative advice before embarking on any course of action in this area. However, to give the reader an idea of how it is approached, here are some basic guidelines. Collect the serum after the body has been thoroughly cleaned. Process the urine homeopathically, meaning, to less than an ounce of distilled water in a sterile bottle, add a single drop of fresh urine. Seal and shake thoroughly, 50 to 100 times. Take a single drop of this mixture and add to less than an ounce of highly alcoholic vodka to keep it safely preserved. It can now be delivered under the tongue, about three drops at a time each hour. Carefully observe the symptoms, being prepared to discontinue if the symptoms do not improve. If improvement is the result, continue the treatment for 3-4 days, then discontinue for a few days to avoid overworking the body's immune system. Resume treatment after a few days rest, relying on the reaction of the symptoms as your guideline. Always collect a fresh supply every few days, and increase or diminish the treatments as required.

The treatment, as listed here, is neither complete nor authoritative and should not be used independently of supervised treatment.

With thanks to Ingrid M. for suggesting this direction


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