Divine Sightings

By Amyobala Key

Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes
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Throughout history, there have been numerous appearances, attributed to divine beings, in particular those of Mary, Mother of Jesus. Always accompanying these mysterious and astounding events have been numerous though random healings. These events have included sightings approved by the Catholic Church: Zaragoza, Spain (40 A.D.); Rome, Italy (352 A.D.); Prouille, France (1208); Aylesford, England (1251); Guadalupe, Mexico (1531); Kazan, Russia (1579); La Vang, Vietnam (1798); Paris, France (1830); La Salette, France (1846); Lourdes, France (1858); Pontmain, France (1871); Knock, Ireland (1879); Fatima, Portugal (1917); Beauraing, Belgium (1932); Banneux, Belgium (1933); Girgenti, Malta (1938); Rome City, Indiana, USA (1956); Zeitoun, Egypt (1968); Akita, Japan (1973); Kibeho, Rwanda (1982); Litmanova, Slovakia (1990);

Other sightings have been notable but are not church approved, including: Evesham, England (709 A.D.); Walsingham, England (1061); Siena, Italy (1347), Chiquinquira, Columbia (1586); Quito, Ecuador (1594); Vailankanni, India (1600); Agreda, Spain (1600s); Victories, Paris (1836); Blangy, France (1840); Siluva, Lithuania (1608); Heiloo, Holland (1713); Aparecida, Brazil (1717); Rome, Italy (1842); Lichen Stary, Poland (1850); Pellevoisin, France (1874); Pellevoisin, France (1876); Marpingen, Germany (1876); Gietrzwald, Poland (1877); Corato, Italy (1878); Rome, Italy (1884); Peking, China (1900); Sheshan, Shanghai, China (1900); Poland (1904); Caserta, Italy (1916-1953); San Giovanni, Italy - Padre Pio (1918); Verdun, Quebec, Canada (1920); Montreal, Canada (1922); Tuy, Spain (1925); Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil (1929); Ezquioga, Spain (1931); Poland - Blessed Faustina (1937); Holsterhausen, Dorsten, Germany (1940-1954); Birgamo, Italy (1944); Amsterdam, Holland (1945); Marienfried, Germany (1946); Rome, Italy (1947); Montichiari, Italy (1947);L'ile-Bourchard, France (1947); Lipa City, Lipa, Philippines (1948); Montichiari-Fontanelle, Italy (1947); Necedah, Wisconsin (1950-1975); India (1952); Syracuse, Sicily (1953); Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico (1953), Ohio, USA (1954); Garabandal, Spain (1961); Bayside, NY, USA (1968); Wu Fung Chi, Taiwan, China (1980); Medugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina (1981), San Nicolas, Argentina (1983); Surbiton, U.K. (1985); Belpasso, Italy (1986); Hrushiv, Ukraine (1987); Kurescek, Slovenia (1989); Clearwater, Florida (1996); Montreal, Canada (1998); Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (1998); Platina, Brazil (1997); Assiut, Egypt (2000); Hilversum, Netherlands (2001); Kodungaiyur, India (2001); Accra, Ghana (2004).

The Apparition at Zeitoun (a suburb of Cairo), Egypt was profound and heavily photographed. The apparitions were witnessed by thousands of onlookers, of different religions, languages and nationalities. The apparition in this case was silent, differing from those in which she would usually appear initially to children, and communicate with them in their native language.

Zeitoun Apparation

The events began on the 2nd of April, 1968 at a Coptic Orthodox Church in the Cairo suburb of Zeitoun. Suddenly, during the evening hours, two Muslim mechanics and some women on the street noticed movements on the dome of the church. The movements resolved into the figure of a young woman, holding on to the cross on the dome. The onlookers believed that she was about to commit suicide, one yelling at her not to jump, while the other ran for the priest. Then one female onlooker distinguished the image more clearly and announced loudly, "It is our Holy Mother Mary!"

For the next three years, the apparitions appeared almost every night, sometimes clearly and sometimes vaguely. She was witnessed smiling, bowing, blessing, praying, holding the cross, kneeling at the cross, and waving an olive branch. The images were photographed, televised, and witnessed by many, including the then president of Egypt, Abdul Nasser. Oddly, some saw the apparitions clearly, while others could see nothing. Christians prayed the Rosary while Muslims chanted that God has chosen her above all women. It was only when the government, in 1971, began to sell tickets of admission, thinking they could make money, that the apparitions ceased to manifest.

The event inspired many conversions to Christianity as well as thousands of miraculous healings. The Muslim mechanic who had first pointed to the Lady of the dome on that first night had been scheduled for amputation of his hand the following day The next day, when the bandages on his hand were removed, the hand was found to be totally healed. Previously a hotbed of terrorist activity and crowded with refugees from Civil Wars in Africa, there was a calming effect by the apparition and an overall shift toward peace, especially between Islam and Christianity.

For those who are severely ill and who have found little hope otherwise in treatments, a journey to the pathways where the Mary Apparitions have appeared, is not an unreasonable search. Some, more current activity, which is known to continue to this day, could provide the impetus required for the healing. You do not have to be religiously inclined, nor as many do, make promises to the entities, as if the prospective healing is something you must negotiate. If the illnesses that ravage your body have changed your soul and made you a better person, then there is a good chance changes can come about from seeking the locales of divine visits.

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