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The following process allowed the author to end a 24-year habit and replace it with 15 years of clarity. It worked because it was based on a chemical reality within each of us. The pH balance of the human body must remain within an acceptable range. Smoking upsets the balance and forces the body to accommodate the nicotine input, creating an all-demanding craving. Restore the natural balance, and the craving disappears.

You will not be quitting smoking or leaving any habit behind. You will be entering a dimension where you will vibrate richly as you did when you were a child. You will be starting something, not ending something.

You are contained within a dynamic vessel. Your body experiences many chemical activities. One of the most major activities is a balancing act between what is acid and what is alkaline. When you were young, your body maintained the balance effortlessly and automatically. But when you had a bit of stress, you decided you could counteract the stress with the thrill of pushing yourself toward the alkaline side. You robbed your body of the automatic balancing process when you did this. When you smoked, you added alkaline, taking the task away from your body. It was no longer responsible for alkalizing you, you did it by ingesting nicotine through your lungs.

Then along came the time when you decided that you would like to quit smoking. You tried and failed, many times. You ate your normal meals. Your body's acid increased and required alkalizing. Your body said to you, "Look, Buddy, you've taken over the job of alkalizing me. What do you want me to do about it?" You had a craving for what was originally just a thrill. Your body is capable of balancing itself, but it needs to relearn how to do this. It expels acid through breath and fluids. It introduces alkalies through organ secretions. The more you don't interfere with the balance, the more your body will relearn how to do it.

Once you have quit smoking, your body will resume responsibility for the acid-alkaline balance, and your cravings will be gone. Only a brief memory of pleasure will remain.

Cathetel's Formula for Learning to Breathe Independently Again

Count to three seconds. One thousand. Two thousand. Three thousand. Congratulations. You have just learned to vibrate normally, without smoking, for the first target period. Reaching this goal is like stepping up onto a magazine. The magazine is thin, so the goal was easy to achieve.

Your next goals will consist of three minutes, three hours, three days, three weeks, three months, and three years. How difficult is each? If three seconds was like stepping onto a magazine, then three minutes, is like stepping onto a box. It is a little more difficult, and less stable to stand upon, but you can make it easily.

For the next hurdle, you must aim for three hours. It's not as hard as it seems; you have likely done it before. In fact, you do it every night, as long as you can remain asleep for longer than three hours. The key, however, is to do it during your waking and eating hours, and while achieving it, to slow your mental patterns. Enjoy the colors, sounds, and shapes of your environment. Let yourself feel the vibration of the world. An alkaloid world is rapid and jittery. That is the world in which you live as a smoker. The natural world is slower, richer, more vibrant and friendlier. When you want to cross the street, wait for a fresh green light, and do not race your fellow pedestrians. Don't be in such a hurry. You are not stopping smoking. You are relearning how to vibrate in a natural world.

For a moment, forget the three-day target. That target is like climbing a two hundred story building. Briefly, you must bypass it. First, the three-week target. It is like climbing a 160 story building; it is slightly easier than the three days. It looks hard, but once you have achieved the hardest, the three-day target, then it goes by fairly rapidly. The three-month target is like climbing a twenty story building. By this time your body has completed most of its task of re-establishing control over the acid-alkali balance. You have also taught yourself to vibrate normally. Be a child again. Be slow, thorough, and soak up your environment like a sponge. There is so much to learn and appreciate. As for the three-year target. You're back to stepping up onto a magazine again. There is only one trap you can fall into at this stage. You may tell yourself with delight, "Quitting smoking was easy. I can do it any time I want. Therefore, I think I will start smoking again, knowing fully well that I can quit easily whenever I want to." Wrong, wrong, wrong. Enjoy your new vibrations. You've earned them by reaching this point.

The Three-Day Target

This is the most difficult plateau. It is the only one you really have to conquer. It is a climb of 200 stories. It is significantly harder than three weeks, ridiculously harder than three months, and vastly more difficult than three years.

You have only two techniques to concentrate on during this period.

One. Do not consume or engage in substitutes. No candy, no gum, no nicotine gum, no extra coffee, no toothpicks. If you initiate chemical actions, you will be interfering with your body's ability to restore its chemical balance. Let your body do the job. Don't input new chemicals.

Two. When the time comes that you feel you are in agony, then you must choose a quiet place, and a comfortable chair, and sit there, and sit there, and sit there. You will do nothing but sit, and re-evaluate your life. Remember all your years in school, one by one, each year, each grade. Stare at yourself in the face, and realize how many opportunities you missed, how many stupid acts you did, how much you wasted your time. The first night before sleep that you perform this self-evaluation, it will take about an hour or two to get completely bored with yourself. After this, you can go to bed and fall asleep.

On day two, you will repeat the procedure. During the day just keep busy, preferably alone. Don't hang around friends. They will try to induce you back to smoking by offering you cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, or sweet foods. Just keep to yourself, and keep busy. Clean up your belongings, then clean them up again. At night, get into that big easy chair and stare yourself down. Ruminate over your past. On the second night, you will get bored with yourself in about half the time it took the first night. Then go to sleep when you are tired.

On day three, repeat the procedure. Keep busy during the day, and explore your memories in the evening until you get tired. This third and final time will be infinitely faster than the earlier nights.

Congratulations. You have completed the three-day target without smoking. Three weeks is about to come up, but it is infinitely easier. Just keep busy. See your friends again. Ignore their efforts to try to get you smoking once more. (As time goes by, watch their jealousy increase. It is delightful.) Avoid severe chemical intakes, like too much beer, or too much caffeine.

If for any reason, such as a major upset in your life, the project collapses, just wait a brief period, and when your life has settled, start the process all over again. As you learn to vibrate in harmony with your world, you will realize that you did not end a process, you started to regain an appreciation for the vibrations of your world. You will see your smoking friends in a new light. Who are these jittery, fidgeting, hyperactive, upset, people with bad alkaline breath? Why are they heading towards a date with a heart attack, a stroke, or lung cancer? It doesn't matter. It's not you anymore.

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