Alkaline Water - The Fountain of Youth

It was 2007, and my blood test results had come back from the laboratory. One of the features which concerned my Doctor was that my pH was acid. It meant a dysfunctional metabolism, lowered immune system, and rapid aging, among other reductions in health. I bought pH test strips, started eating alkaline foods, and tried consuming juice from a fresh lemon each morning. Nothing changed. When I tested the water I drink (tap water poured through a simple water filter) the cause was apparent. Of course, I am acid. The tap water is acid. My fate is sealed.

Eventually, I realized that there are other water sources.

(1) Boiled Water: I have a friend who boils her water. She looks tired and old. That's okay for your coffee and tea once in a while, but not all the time. Boiled water removes oxygen causing the water to be flat and tasteless. It also removes minerals. It does not remove impurities, heavy metals, or chlorine. The water remains acidic.

(2) Distilled Water: I once believed that my dizzyness and shaking could be corrected by drinking distilled water, since I assumed this was the purest liquid that I could drink. The first few days, I felt good. I thought I was onto something. On the third day, my blood pressure shot through the roof, and I had the shakes worse than ever. Distilled water is so pure and mineral-free that it leaches out your good nutrients. It is equally tasteless, acidic, and flat.

(3) Bottled Water: For me, there are two kinds of bottled water, the kind that makes me feel sick, probably because it is high in sodium, which is added to try to make it taste good. And, the kind that I can tolerate but which tastes just as bad as tap water. I cannot account for what is happening, but I sense that I am just drinking dead water containing impurities along with some artifically added minerals. The water also absorbs toxins from the plastic containers.

(4) Reverse Osmosis Water: I was impressed by the sound of this. I thought it was a great idea that water pressure is used to force water molecules through a thin membrane, thereby filtering out impurities. Of course, 80% of the water is wasted. Whole minerals that might be beneficial are removed, the process is slow, and the water is not alkaline. I never tried it, so I can't account for it otherwise.

(5) Ionized Water: By the process of electrolysis, a current is passed through plates which causes chemical changes to occur in the solution. Water that flows from one side is alkaline and water that flows from the other side is acid. Impurities are removed while beneficial minerals remain intact.

Further research indicated the advantages of the latter:

1. Filtration. It removes harmful substances - impurities, chlorine, mercury and other heavy metals. It retains, without destroying vital nutrients.

2. Alkalinity. It converts the drinking water into a delicious alkaline cocktail, without any sodium being added. This can beneficially impact your metabolism, clean your arteries, and restore normal organ function. It can reduce weight and limit the effects of diabetes.

3. Electrical Purification. It can remove the free radicals that contribute to a cancer-causing environment.

Having decided that this was what my doctor ordered, it became the path to follow. I was fortunate to find a manufacturer who had created an intelligent machine in a variety of models, basically the Cadillac of Water Ionizers.

E-Power Water Ionizers use electrode plates that are (a) larger than the standard, (b) made from higher quality materials (platinum coated on titanium), (c) and are what I call 'modulated', meaning they are in non-sealed cartridge cells. These cells can be refurbished or replaced easily. Each Ionizer has a fully programmed self-cleaning system. (Every 12 hours, when you turn it on, it will go into cleaning mode, which lasts about 30 seconds. See the accompanying video.) The machines use filters that last about a year, depending upon usage. The filter can be replaced and costs about $85. The machines, themselves, range in price from about $1000 - $2000.

The truly impressive feature is the display. When the machine is producing alkaline water, you are shown the color blue. When generating acid water that you have chosen for sterilization, you are shown the color red. The true pH value is displayed in large numerals. You choose the pH you want depending upon what you intend: whether to drink it, cook with it, wash vegetables with it, or sterilize with it. The company likes to say "What you see is what you get". There is no mystery. It is not like drinking bottled water where you have no idea what you are drinking. You see exactly what you are getting. You immediately see the pH value, the precise speed of the water flow, and the total number of litres that have passed through the machine, much like the mileage on a car. This lets you know when to replace the filter.

My family and I have only been using the machine for a short time, but already I have discovered that (1) alkaline water tastes delicious, (2) my metabolism has stepped up and given me more energy, and (3) everyone in our family is sleeping longer and deeper.

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