Heal Yourself with Your Imagination


When all else has failed to conquer diseases such as cancer, the power of the imagination can sometimes prove a potent antidote. More than one child has been taught to visualize his disease, giving it both a face and a shape. By drawing a monster to represent the cancer, the young patient can subsequently concentrate on attacking it, and vaporizing it. How the message is translated to the body's cells is unknown.

(For an insightful article on the subject of healing and the mind, check out the following: Quantum Physics and Your Mind [Ragnar's111 Weblog]. We rate it excellent!)

The method, like laughter therapy, gives the patient something to do. The child's hope is raised. His determination and forceful intent assist the body in manufacturing the chemical troops that it needs to stop the disease in its tracks. It is about communication with the body on a level that the body comprehends.

Using Crayons, colored pencils, or colored paint, the monster can be drawn for how it seems to be, and once envisioned, it can be seen for its potential weaknesses. Rather than distracting the child with idle play, let the child take control. The technique can also be applied with computer games. The emotional delight in destroying monsters on the computer, should be thought of as an assault upon the real monster within himself.


When just a Latin word for a disease seems insufficient to define the reality of what the child's world has become, it takes on a great new meaning when it can be named the Evil Monster. Get the child in the habit of defeating the monster. As the child's health improves, progress becomes rapid. There is no guarantee the technique will work; but without the effort there may be no progress otherwise.

There is no reason why this technique cannot be attempted by adult patients. Perhaps a reading of "Treasure Island" or any number of science fantasy novels is required to restore the adult's declining imagination. It is not a question of senility, it is a question of lifestyle having removed one's sense of playfulness. The adult can also visit a number of role playing stores where significantly impressive monster, hero, and luscious lady warrior statuettes can be found. It is not unreasonable to expect that your imaginative powers require a boost.


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