Ice Healing

by Amyobala Key

Ice Angel   

Dry cold is one of the most useful techniques for healing a multitude of conditions. When we first receive an abrupt impact to the muscles of the arms or legs, we may jump ahead in time and envision assisting the circulation by applying heat. This is the worst mistake you can make at the onset of the injury. A cold pack applied to an injured muscle, whether it is from an impact alone, or from a slice or cut, receives two benefits from the application of the ice pack. The first is the obvious. Cold reduces swelling, and ultimately limits the injury to the surrounding tissue. But the second benefit, which is for the most part never considered, is that the application of cold to any part of your body will send a signal to your body to turn up the heat. That heat will come in the form of infrared energy, which in itself will speed up healing.

This technique is effective for cuts requiring stitches. The experience of a cut over the eye on an amateur hockey player, who received a cold pack within minutes of the deep gash, was that when he arrived at the hospital, his attending physician announced: "That's the cleanest cut I've ever seen." The ice pack limited the swelling and it was an easy matter to stitch the wound closed. With subsequent applications of cold three times a day, the wound healed so quickly, that when the stitches came out, and after two weeks, the injury was virtually gone - no mark, no scar, no sign whatsoever that the cut had ever occurred.

The magic of the cold pack extends equally well to a burn. Just make certain that the skin is not broken and the container for the low temperature gel is sterile. Cold applied in this way, will reduce burn swelling, and will promote rapid healing. Applications can generally be applied for two to five minutes, three to five times a day.

In the 1980s a worker at a graphics company had been pulling and throwing out heavy graphics paper for a few hours. The severe strain on the muscles and tendons of the hand turned both hands into virtural claws. They were extremely painful and stiff as breadsticks. Repeated immersions of the hand in cold water for five minute periods over the next two days, caused the hands to return to their original condition.

There is one more surprising application of cold therapy that many will never consider nor benefit from. When the veins in the arteries have swollen from straining at stool or during childbirth, hemorrhoids can be a most unpleasant condition, though certainly not life threatening. Once expanded, the veins will readily want to expand again, just like balloons that have experienced their first inflation. The tendency is to use topical ointments, the most notable of which contains aluminum that can be readily absorbed into the body. A more drastic solution is surgery. Neither of these has to take place. The condition can be effectively controlled by the use of lozenge-shaped ice, wrapped in a sterile paper, and pressed against the swollen area. The body will hold the icy lozenge-shaped package in place, which will then begin to melt over the next five minutes. Applying this technique for five minute periods four or five times per day will result in a surprising improvement. With a proper complementary diet, and the swellings reduced, it will be just as if you never had the condition to start with. (To create the ice in the shape of narrow fingers, you can either chop up ice cubes, or fashion the molds in plaster of paris which can then serve as your ice tray.)

The final use for ice, which your doctor will never tell you, is upon the conclusion to various operations. A 1990s cataract operation caused severe headaches and heaviness to the eye which had been operated on. When it looked like the only relief could come from pills, an attempt was made by selecting a sterile towel and gently laying an iced gel back on top of the eye. One minute treatments of gentle applications resulted in a complete recovery, the total removal of all headaches, and the rapid healing of the eye, as well as the perfect recovery of the vision (although that was mainly due to an accurate eye measurement for the creation of the artificially implanted lens.)

It never fails to amaze the author how many times the application of a sterile ice pack to wounds, contusions, burns, and other conditions can consistently inspire the body to turn up the heat and ultimately reduce swelling and heal the body quickly and efficiently.


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