Healing Circles and Sounds to Remove Stress and Promote Healing

Angel of Circles   

Healing starts with rebalancing the mind. If you are ill, then you have likely made yourself ill. The illness you developed came about from imbalances in your energy patterns. The You that is truly You resides in a pattern beneath your substance. It is your energy. It started out as healthy, balanced, vibrant, but over time, the challenges and difficulties of your life created imbalances. Your body absorbed toxic materials that it would otherwise have resisted. You encountered emotions that ran rampant in your mind and influenced your decisions.

When it appears that a pill cannot correct your health, then perhaps it is time to walk a new pathway. Your pathway toward healing includes many things that you are already aware of. You must remove habits that you know are harmful. You must commence habits that you know can assist. You must adjust your diet to exclude the elements that are poisoning your system.

Despite purifying changes, you will often not make much progress. If that is the case, then it is time to reach into your inner self. Employ the healing power of shapes and vibrations to relax your mind. A brief interlude on a daily basis in a meditative relaxed state will not totally heal you, but it has the ability to prepare for the path you know you must travel. Note that this is only Phase One. You can prepare yourself here.

The following page contains circles and sounds. Visit for as long as you like. A ten-minute preparation is suggested. It will not harm you. Just press the Enter link when you are ready and give the sights and sounds the opportunity to load. When you are ready to leave, just press your Back Button.

After you have relaxed yourself, it is strongly recommended that you commence Phase Two. Choose a quiet environment. Turn off all radios and phones. Choose a comfortable position and commence the process of Meditation. Breath from your abdomen. Let the thoughts enter your mind and just as quickly exit. Outside training and research is recommended.

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