Girgenti, Malta Apparitions (1938-1996)

by Amyobala Key

Our Lady of Girgenti Statue   

Guza Mifsud, a poor and suffering farm worker, was born in Siggiewi, Malta on the 27th of January, 1923. The youngest of seven children, she began life not expected to live long. Against all odds, she survived, but for the rest of her life, she alternated between ill-health and accidents. Guza was often visited by visions of the Blessed Virgin, and from time-to-time received additional visits from saints and other unidentified spirits. Her life was one of piety, sacrifice, and suffering. She passed away at her home on the 28th of October, 1996, and was buried in Siggiewi, Malta, at Our Lady of Mount Carmel cemetery.

Guza's first visits from the Blessed Mother occurred when she was 15 years old, placing her earliest communications in the year 1938. During this time, the Lady first appeared in what appeared to be a "sea-cave." She was holding Rosary beads in her hands and praying. The visions were both frightening and enchanting and Guza's family was often concerned about their youngest daughter's night-time fears and weeping. These dream-like visions continued until 1949. Afterward, she continued to receive messages from the Blessed Virgin until her death in 1996. At the bequest of Our Lady, Guza was instrumental in the establishment of a shrine to the Blessed Virgin and the erection of the statue of Our Lady of Girgenti on May 5th, 1986.

The witness in the 1950s Girgenti Shrine to Our Lady

It was during the 1950s, that the Blessed Mother asked Guza to paint a picture of her, as she saw her at that time, and to entitle it "Our Lady of Consecration." Guza knew that she did not have the talent, but under the patient guidance of the beautiful Lady, she modified a picture in a book of prayers and took it to a photographer to be enlarged.

Guza saw the Apparition of her Spiritual Focus many times in her life, including in the farmland, where Guza worked alongside her family. During her break, she would go to the valley to pray, whereupon she saw a bright light in a loquat tree. The Lady appeared in a white dress with a blue mantle. She asked Guza to pray for the conversion of sinners.

During the course of her life, upon the guidance of her Holy teacher, Guza aided the Blessed Mother in the task of defending "the honor of God from the despicable habit of swearing." She wrote five letters to the Prime Minister at that time, insisting that he enact a law against swearing which was otherwise bringing shame to the country and hurting the heart of the Blessed Virgin. It was not long afterward that Archbishop Michael Gonzi announced that the Government was going to pass a law against swearing. Later, the Blessed Virgin came to Guza, and assured her that she was the one who had inspired her to send the letters.

Guza Mifsud, under the guidance of the Blessed Virgin, produced two paintings of Our Lady of Consecration, which have been widely published throughout the world.

Our Lady of Consecration Our Lady of Consecration


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