The Application of Chill Therapy

by Amyobala Key

Angels with Attitude   

This is not the kind of chill therapy which involves reducing body temperature to help heart patients. This is an emerging technique that involves the generating of "chills" through imagery. The purpose is to establish communication with the trillions of body cells which have a seemingly infinite capacity to heal the body.

Not everyone is capable of this. Those of you who customarily pull wings off flies or lack any ounce of compassion for strangers, will likely be unable to accomplish this. The method of generating the chills is also highly personal. It will work for some and not for others. Here are two examples.

You are watching the movie "Forrest Gump." You have sympathetically followed the trials and tribulations of our perpetually upbeat hero. Toward the end of the movie, as Forrest waits patiently on the bench for his bus to arrive, he is informed that his destination is closer than he thinks. He can walk there. He rushes off and arrives at the home of his old girlfriend, Jenny. While speaking to Jenny, Forrest hears a knock at the door and a child is brought in. The boy is Jenny's son. Forrest didn't know she had any children. Jenny reveals that the name of the child is Forrest. Tom Hanks, as Forrest Gump, is surprised and delighted. Then, suddenly, Jenny reveals that the child was named after his father. Tom Hanks gives an astounded double-take as the truth rushes at him. He, Forrest Gump, the man for whom few expected very much because of his simple-mindedness, is the father of the child. A wave of chills commences at the base of the skull, travels down the backbone and sweeps through the rest of the body. Your cells have experienced this odd delight, passing on the feeling cell by cell in an electrical, almost massaging force.

In the next example, you are watching "Song of Bernadette" starring Jennifer Jones as Bernadette Soubirous. In 1858, this young French peasant girl, while out gathering firewood for her family, encountered the apparition of a beautiful lady. The Lady spoke to Bernadette and told her wonderful things. Because only Bernadette could see and hear the apparition, many in the village did not believe her story. The authorities wanted to stamp out the activities, as they were beginning to spread, and it made their entire village look foolish in the rest of the country. But strange events were starting to take place, and the number of curious was starting to grow. During one of her visits to the grotto where the apparition first appeared, Bernadette was accompanied by a surging mass of believers and non-believers. Once again, the Lady came to Bernadette. She instructed the youth to wash herself at a nearby spring. At first, Bernadette believed this was the river, as she could not see a spring. The Lady corrected her, directing her to a spot in the earth. Bernadette began to dig below the indicated location, covering her face and arms with the earth, as if washing in the imaginary waters. Behind her, the sympatheic observers are horrified by her actions. Many in the crowd are laughing and mocking. At last, her relatives cannot take it any more. They gather her up, and escort the muddy-faced Bernadette back toward the village in defeat. As the procession retreats and the crowd begins to thin, friends of Bernadette remain behind at the grotto, their backs to the place where the Lady has appeared. Then, suddenly and slowly, there is a sound and a motion. A trickle of water appears. The flow increases to a sparkling stream. The friends look around. The spring has appeared as if by magic, bubbling to the surface from the hole where Bernadette has been digging only moments before. Quickly, the friends run after the crowd, loudly announcing what they have seen. The event vindicates Bernadette and leaves everyone convinced of the reality of the Holy Apparition.

You will have your own movies and books that contain events and images that are able to generate chills. You do not have to actually watch the stories again and again to achieve the effect. All you need to do is to replay the images in your mind. Adjust the emphasis of the images to fine tune the intensity of the chills.

This technique is not for everyone. Even the results of the technique are not clear. Like the little boy who cried wolf, there will be a tendency for the effect to diminish the more times you replay it. Find the events which cause within you the chills of pleasure that wash from the base of your brain down your back and throughout your limbs. Repeat the process from ten to twenty times. Then meditate upon healing your body. Give the message to your cells that they must work on your behalf and initiate the process that restores your body to its former good health. This technique is to get the attention of your body cells and mobilize them to the actions that they are fully capable of. Otherwise, your body at times appears to be working against itself.

You are all on the same team. So why does it appear that sometimes your body is against you? Reestablish the connection with your body which you had when you were a child. Your lifestyle and attitudes may have resulted in an unconscious self-destructive urge. We are exposed all the time to elements that can lead to cancer and other dire diseases. Yet in many people the diseases never manifest. The protective barriers and forces within their bodies have aided them. So why should a disease manifest in some and not in others?

Don't just sit there waiting for a doctor to give you the magic prescription that will save your life. You must assist your body with your actions. Accompany this technique with other beneficial therapies that have been presented in these pages; from laughter therapy to imagination therapy. When all else has failed, your mind may be your best weapon against a debilitating disease. Using your mind may prove to have far greater control over your destiny. That is what the chill therapy is all about. It conditions your body to prepare it for a miraculous recovery.

This is for you from the Angel of the Garden.


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