Let Cathetel bring you good health and good fortune

Place the palm of your primary hand over the angel. Let the warmth of her healing colors penetrate your skin. Healing and fortune will initiate immediately. Repeat daily for a few seconds and experience the results. Record changes in your health and fortune to confirm your experience. A Gift from Cathetel, the Angel of the Garden.

Cathetel Angel of the Garden   Cathetel on the Desert of Mars

Healing Circles [click on the little red angel to return home]

Who is Cathetel?

Cathetel would like you to remember her name. She stands beside the Cathedral. She watches over the Cat Hotel. When nutrients are required, they can be infused with a catheter. Can you identify each?

When you name a child after the Angel of the Garden, her nickname should be Cathy. Do not forget the Angel of the Garden; one of her favorite flowers in her garden are the Forget-Me-Nots. She is concerned about growth, energy, and healing, for both the gardens of men and the original Garden which saw the emergence of mankind. She can heal, promote, and encourage growth and beauty.

Whenever you work in your garden, tending to the plants, Cathetel will watch over you, and she will be smiling, for you have volunteered to be an assistant. She will watch over your handiwork, when you are not around. Remember that when you wish to visit a friend in hospital who is in need of special healing powers, a gift of flowers can add inspiration and energy to the patient.

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