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Pre-Columbian bird legend   

Alien Healing is the most difficult source to study because it is so readily inhabited by lunatics, scams, and utter foolishness. Beneath the wasteland of trash there are points of possibilities.

As memory serves, there was the story of a man visited by alien beings, for whatever motive they had. As usual, he was held in check by their apparent ability to easily control the movements of primitive human life. The man was older and ill, having suffered a degenerative lung disease most of his life. All that can be recalled of the incident was that during the captivity, the man was subjected to a blue light from a UFO that bathed him from head to foot for an undetermined duration. It was later reported that after the strange visitors had departed and after a period of time, whether days or weeks, the captive's lungs were eventually restored to normal. The source of this story can no longer be identified.

The theme is not new, and a much more identifiable report has been found from 1975. The source is 1975 Humanoid Reports, as compiled by Albert Rosales, from Operacion Contacto, by Luis Reyes Ramirez. The event took place near Bogota, Columbia on the night of January 28, 1975.

"Engineer Juan Osorio was working in an area of a local lagoon when a huge lighted disc shaped craft suddenly descended over him. He was somehow hoisted onboard the object in a 'platform' made out of light. Inside the brilliantly lit object he was confronted by several tall 'beautiful' human-like beings, wearing shiny silvery clothing and boots. The group included men and women. He felt peace and tranquility while he was conducted to another room. There he was bathed in a soothing red light that appeared to purify him. Later he was asked to remove his clothing and was told to put on a uniform similar to theirs, and then he was taken yet into another room and there a luminous orange colored rectangle enveloped him. A blue-violet haze encased his head apparently going through some time therapeutic process. Soon after his release by the extraterrestrials he was diagnosed totally free of cancer, a disease he had suffered from for sometime now.

Conclusion. As it is possible that humankind was engineered by ancient aliens, extraterrestrial knowledge of the working parts of man may be significantly advanced. Even should this be true, how it would be possible for a motivated patient to seek such otherworldly intervention and healing would difficult. There are claimants in Israel who purport to work in conjunction with teams of aliens at earth-based clinics. They allegedly can heal what traditional medicine has given up on. The claims are fantastic and bordering upon the ridiculous. You would have to be significantly desperate to pursue this path. [See for further information.]

Pre-Columbian bird legend

Notes on the Accompanying Painting

The accompanying painting of a "pre-Columbian bird" is a modern-day painting from memory of an article in an Archaeology Magazine of 40 years ago. The art was referred to as a bird that eats human heads. It is extremely similar to an updated version of the American Piasa Bird (the original petroglyph of which was destroyed in the 1890s, but which did not have wings.) These paintings are of objects or biological creatures which had three notable characteristics: (1) they flew, at a time when machines were not known to exist that could fly, (2), they made a loud noise, and in this regard, are associated with the legendary Thunder bird; (3) they "had a liking for human flesh", or, they appeared to have human heads inside them, possibly in the same way that small aircraft can be seen with human passengers looking out the windows.

They are more than likely the crafts of alien visitors which have been misinterpreted in the only manner that North and South American aborigines can understand -- that they are biological flying creatures that make a lot of noise and are attracted to human life.

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